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Friday, May 17, 2013

A few additions

Pikeville (pronounced "PAHK-vll") has been pretty good to us so far. Aside from the SNAFUs already mentioned, we are having a good time, and this is very beautiful country.  Although Megan's post is titled "Week 1," this is actually week 2 for me.  Week 1 for Papa was spent in Jenny Wiley State Park and commuting 40 minutes each way to Pikeville Medical Center.  Other than missing Megan and Addie, I'm seriously not complaining here.  The campground was fun, the weather comfortable, and I got to witness several games of cornhole.  ("Throw 'em back, J.R.!")  Here's a photo of the cheap tent and 1989 MR-2 which I called home for Week 1.  Obviously the motorhome is a huge upgrade.

This would have been awesome in 1989.
Having now completed two weeks of my clinical assignment (out of five total), I've gained several experiences which I had thus far found very difficult to find in Richmond.  That was much of the impetus for this adventure actually.  That and finding a craigslist post for a 1988 Holiday Rambler motorhome, thinking it looked like a bus, and thinking I needed to own it.  We did not end up buying that RV, but a different one which is in much better shape.  Anyway, in two weeks at the hospital I've been able to give anesthesia for an aortic valve replacement, several cesarean sections, and perform several peripheral nerve blocks, all of which had proven elusive in Richmond.  It helps that there is only one other senior student here, and P.M.C. has a very busy OR.

Just a couple more photos for now because it is getting late.

The fam
Perhaps my favorite thing about this particular photo is that a stranger approached us with open arms, as if to say "hand over that baby."  We are pretty compliant with those requests, and we let them hold Addie until she cried.  The stranger then took our picture.

And of course, here's one with the RV as it currently exists with a tarp over the leaky window.  We promise to be less trashy very soon.

Did you know that "tarp" is short for "tarpaulin?"


  1. Lovely family, lovely picture. I look forward to reading your adventures!

  2. Takin' the Clinical Show on the road. Epic.

  3. This is great! You guys be safe and enjoy your adventure:)